What is Kite Compositor?

Kite is a native animation and prototyping design tool for the Mac. It features an intuitive timeline editor, WYSIWYG canvas, and a robust scripting interface. The iOS companion app, Kite Compositor for iOS, allows you to interact with your Kite designs right on your iPhone or iPad.

Key Features

  • Timeline Editor
  • WYSIWYG Canvas
  • JavaScript Scripting Environment
  • Export to native Swift or Objective-C code on iOS or Mac
  • Interactive Realtime Rendering
  • Sketch Import
  • Video export
  • Companion iOS App
  • Bezier Motion Path Editing
  • Component Library
  • Open File Format
  • KiteKit Framework for embedding Kite documents in other apps

Demo Video

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Additional Media

Who created Kite?

Kite was developed and designed by Joe Rhodes. Prior to developing Kite, Joe was a software engineer at Apple for a little over 5 years and loved every second of it!