Since the release of Kite this week, I’ve been overjoyed by the response from the community of designers, animators, and developers who are eager to dive in and start learning how to use Kite. Many of you have asked for tutorials as well as a place to share your knowledge as you learn and design new ideas in the app.


I have added a tutorials page to the site listing a few videos and posts that have already shown up around the web.

  • Chris Slowik at has created a great video course on learning the basics of Kite as well as moving into more complex topics.

  • Eleanor at OnePixelOut has written up a quick tutorial with her initial thoughts about using the app.

  • I have posted the first of two videos of my own showing how to create the Twitter heart animation you see on the Showcase page.

Go checkout the tutorials ›

Facebook Group

Many people have asked for a place to share their latest designs and chat about tips and techniques using Kite. For this, I created a Kite Facebook Group to exchange ideas, share .kite files, and show off your latest creations. Please check it out if you’re looking to learn and interact with others using Kite.

Go checkout the Facebook Group ›