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Update 1.6

Update 1.6 is now available with a revamped canvas alignment snapping system, code generation bugfixes, new layer list features, and a few usability tweaks. Read on below to see a quick overview of what has improved!

Revamped canvas alignment guide snapping system

The canvas alignment guide snapping system has been totally overhauled to be much faster. You should find dragging layers on the canvas, especially for very large documents, to be much faster than before.

Layer List Improvements

Improved Layer List

Saved Expanded State

The expanded and collapsed state of layers and their child animations, actions, etc. are now saved in the layer list sidebar. Now it's even easier to jump back into the state of your design right where you left off.

Alternating Row Colors

The layer list can now optionally alternate the background color of the rows. This subtle change will help you quickly find the item you need at a glance!

You can disable the alternating color in the app's preferences.

Aspect Ratio Lock

The geometry inspector now has a button to lock the aspect ratio of a layer.

Newly added image and video layers now lock their aspect ratio by default.

Lock Layer Aspect Ratio

Other Usability Improvements

  • When pasting an animation onto a layer, the animation will now retain its original begin time and not adopt the current playheads's time. If you want pasting an animation to paste at the current playhead time, then you can hold option key(⌥) to get the old behavior.
  • Grouping layers (⌘G) will no longer add a fill and border color to the new parent layer.

Get the Update

To get the update, click Kite > Check For Updates... in Kite’s main menu.